Create statistics

-- Create the statistics for all tables and columns in the database that don’t
-- already exist. This is much easier than using CREATE STATISTICS on each
-- table, as you can only do 16 columns at a time, and have to name them each.
RAISERROR('Creating statistics on all tables and columns that are missing them', 10, 1) WITH NOWAIT, LOG
EXEC sp_createstats @indexonly = 'NO', @fullscan = 'FULLSCAN', @norecompute ='NO'

-- Set the automatic UPDATE STATISTICS setting to ‘ON’ for all indexes and
-- statistics for all tables and indexed views in the database.
RAISERROR('Running sp_autostats for all tables…', 10, 1) WITH NOWAIT, LOG
EXEC sp_MSforeachtable ' PRINT "?" EXEC sp_autostats "?", @flagc = "ON" '

-- Display the new names of the column indexes.
SELECT OBJECT_NAME(s.object_id) AS 'TableName', AS 'StatsName'
FROM sys.stats s
JOIN sys.tables t
ON s.object_id = t.object_id
WHERE s.object_id > 100
(SELECT name FROM sys.indexes WHERE object_id = s.object_id)

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